I am still trying to figure who I am as opposed to who I believe I am. So this section for me, as of now could be a little tricky since I wouldn’t want to mislead you. But I can say a few things which I do know… this space, is my space. I talk my heart out here. I am me without a filter, more than I usually am. I face my fears here. I talk about them. I express myself over here because I don’t know you and even if I do, I don’t care. You are in my zone and you might as well leave if you don’t want to. That’s fine by me. I am here because of me, to speak my mind and to figure myself out. To talk about my concerns, in the hope to untangle myself.

In another place I would type a wise-ass paragraph here but no, I’m not always funny and no, I don’t joke around all the time.

I am not the best with expressing what I really should and when it is most important and so I created this little world for myself and you are more than welcome to be a part of it 🙂


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