Love at 23.

You said ' The most beautiful one is for you'. I smiled and said, Thank you.

You said ‘ Here, this is for you, the most beautiful one’. I smiled and said, Thank You.

People lie when they say there has never been a dull day with their significant other. I don’t know why they do. I know now,you already knew. We weren’t ever told that a relationship was all hunky-dory, all stars and butterflies, but neither were we told just how difficult it was to sustain a relationship.

Nothing will make me love you less. Nothing you do. But things that you do, could make me love you more. I can’t even imagine what loving more would mean because I already love you so much, but I know if I could love you so much, I could love you more.

What’s scary in a relationship is that if I walk away, we both will survive. We both will move on but I will continue to love you. And so shall you. So then why would I want to walk away? I don’t.

There are days when we both feel unhappy. Maybe with each other, maybe with our situation, it might have nothing to do with you even but a thought will cross my head, asking me if I’m happy with you. I might be a cynic at that point. I’m not to be trusted then.

There are days of confusion and days of laconic replies. Long distance isn’t easy. There isn’t a single person who makes me happier more than you do. With you I understand what it means to be happy. But staying away from you is the hardest thing I have ever done. But I have the rest of my life to live with you. It should be okay, right? Tell that to my heart.

I have to do what I have to do. I put in my everything for you. My cards are on the table, well yours are too. After this, if things don’t work out, we’re not meant to be. It’s the irony in our situation. The Irony of loving when you’re 12. The Irony that we understand. You and I.

Until next time,

This is the Hensroom.



  1. Lauren · March 11, 2015

    I adore this.. I can definitely relate.
    Great post!

    xox Lo


    • Hensroom · March 11, 2015

      Thank you so much, Lauren. It’s difficult when its the real thing!


      • Lauren · March 11, 2015

        it really is! I’ve been struggling with the same thing.. I hope it all works out for you!


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