We can be better.

We can be better.

I’m sure I have your attention. Now, before I start my article and you, start to judge me, I want to make one thing very clear – I love my country aka India and I’m extremely patriotic but not because of the way it is, its just because i’m Indian and I wish it didn’t have to be this way.

Happy Dusshera to all! Today, is when, we burn the so called villain in the Ramayana, Raavan. The labour class of our country thrives on this festival because it provides them with opportunities to earn whatever little money they can. They aren’t provided with any environment friendly material and the majority of our ever growing population couldn’t be bothered less.

No, this is not me on an anti-India rant, but more of a why aren’t we concerned – rant.

I have a question for everyone, what fun do you have looking at a 20 foot Raavan with, but obvious, 10 heads being burnt into ashes. I don’t and I’ll tell you why.

1. I have a dog. He goes crazy and drives everyone crazy in the house. The street dogs are hiding under cars waiting for this night to end! I’m sure the birds aren’t particularly enjoying this night either.

2. How is the pollution caused by millions of crackers inside his body not of any concern to you!

3. Indians are not enviromentalists. Accepted. Exceptions are always there, but you do care about yourself right? The amount of toxins you inhale are ridiculous.

And; Most Importantly, didn’t our Prime Minister JUST go on a ‘Swachh Banega Bharat’ trip? I mean come on, he just cleaned the streets himself only yesterday!! Do you want a clean India or not! What’s the deal guys?

Please explain to me HOW India is going to become ‘swach’ with your ridiculous wants to blow up a mythical character in order to dirty the streets and pollute the already polluted atmosphere we have?

Moving on to Durga Puja! I love pujos and how. Let’s just not question my love for anything to do with Bengal. The pandals are just gorgeous and the work force behind it is just outright genius. The whole environment of durga puja with the pandal hopping and the fish, the bhog (yummiest khicchdi ever), the jhaal moori, the ice cream eating competitions and the pretty lights, its perfect. But then we had to immerse the idol into the ocean and ruin it all. BOOM! Its almost like our aim is to make sure we completely destroy nature so that there is just no coming back from the damage done. Also, let’s not forget the lives lost in stampedes. We really never learn, do we?

Same goes with Ganesh Chaturthi! Ganesh ji is the cutest god ever. I mean I’m sure you agree! He loves ladoos. He acquired an elephant’s trunk and ears and he’s just too cute. You have a brilliant home coming for him and the maharastrans just LOVE their Ganesh Chaturthi. But then you also have people drunk out of their brain cells in the middle of the day and acting like hooligans on the street, blocking roads, causing inconvenience and lets not forget how you throw that orange color powder randomly on each other. Fine. I’ll let that go. You want some entertainment in life you can totally have it but again, you go immerse that absolutely beautiful god into the ocean. If you believe in god, I’m also sure you believe that he gave us nature. Why do you think he gave us nature? To destroy it so that he can create it again? You think this is a game, don’t you? I don’t know about anybody else but you sir are surely having fun!!

Huge quantities of non-biodegradable materials like chemical paints, plastic covers, zari and thermocol, that are used to make these Idols go into the water. The Rivers bear the brunt of Idol immersion while you conveniently go back to your house thinking your God is going to be so satisfied with you. The central and state pollution boards have guidelines to guard against river pollution but few take note, least of all the implementing agencies. If we really want to make this country a better place to live in and our taking cleanliness matters into our own hands, we really need to give this a thought because you are playing an active role in this mess that we have created.

Diwali, my favorite festival, is just around the corner. There is no better festival than Diwali, hands down. It is such a giving festival. You want to give each other presents. You want to spend time with family and friends, whether it might be drinking, playing cards or watching movies because there is always a movie released on Diwali. it is the festival of lights. I am sure you’ve seen how beautiful it all looks from that sky shot they take of India every year. It is pretty isn’t it? I’m just going to leave this article here and let you interpret what I would have written.

Please. Say no to crackers. Please.

Until next time,

This is Hensroom.



  1. christybharath · October 3, 2014

    (fist bump) i’m glad there are still Indian perspectives un-brainwashed by the recent gimmicky cleanliness drives. i’m a bit more nihilistic in what i see to be proactive measures to clean up the nation, but yes one can start by saying no to crackers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hensroom · October 3, 2014

    Hopefully there’s no conflict of interest. Of course, only time will tell!


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