5 Things You Must Own As a Woman!

Within fashion exists endless amount of ideas and designs that inspire you to dress the way you do. Fashion also keeps changing with time and has us constantly obsessing over what is okay to wear and what really is not. Although, just like there are staples in everything, I have 5 staples for your wardrobe.

1. Plain White Tshirt

A bright, sunny hot and humid day outside and all you want is to go out in your comfort clothes. Your plain white t-shirt. The PWT is an essential building block for good style – whether you are pairing it with your go to Jeans or going rogue and mixing it with your ball gown. I love my PWT paired with my faded light blue jeans. I’ve been wearing this combination all my life. It’s something I will carry with myself to heaven. You know you can never go wrong with a plain white t-shirt and jeans combo. Ever.

2. A Leather Jacket

While the designs may change and grow over the years, the classic leather jacket has stood strong. Black. Brown. Tan. A leather jacket can be your go-to outfit for your night about town. It can be worn a million times and it ranks almost on the top of the clothing-that-doesn’t-deny-me-comfort line.

3. Black Stilettos

The footwear version of the LBD. Black shoes go with just about everything, but they can be tricky. So be very careful while picking a pair up. It can’t be dull and it can’t be too bling. Nothing too outlandish either. I personally like the scrappy ones.

4. Touches of Animal Print

Feeling feisty? Animal print brings out your wild side! Quite literally. The key to perfecting animal print has always been moderation. A scarf, a headband, a shirt with plain white pants, even a little bow on your shoe. It’s a classic that’ll never go out of style. Rawr.

5. A Smile Is Forever

If the fashionistas of the past and present could teach one thing, this would surely be this. All the clothes and beauty products in the world mean NOTHING if you’re miserable and uncomfortable in your own skin. Love yourself, be confident, smile, laugh, and never take life too seriously. Make fashion mistakes. Learn and grow. Don’t try to be perfect cause your flaws make you who you are. The fashion world loves little innocent flaws. So be your own fashion statement.

Yours sincerely,

Until next time,

This, is the Hensroom.




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