The Mystery Behind Feeling Fat!

The Juice.

The Juice.

How frustrating it is when your friend calls herself fat when she’s actually easily 7-10 kgs thinner than you! How infuriating it is when skinny girls obsess over putting on weight and just how blood boiling it is when they tell you – when you’re the one on the plumper side (comparatively) – that you’re the one who is thin! Really now?

More than half an hour in a mall with a woman and you’ll hear it. More often than not, you will hear it in the dressing room. Some believe it’s a good way to ‘bond’! Talking about weight issues and passing negative energy is bonding to women these days? When did we become such cynics!

So what is the mystery behind calling yourself fat really? Is the the fact that you want your friend to give you the staple answer you’ve been getting from everyone? The ‘Not at all. If you’re the one who’s fat, what am I?’ because if you truly believe you are, then nothing I say is going to make you believe that you are not. Just in case I do say, ‘Yes, you do look like you have put on some weight’, there is obviously a chance where you might get really offended and never call me back or that I might further depress your already depressed soul! But the truth is, that when you constantly hear such negative things, specially when it comes from your own mouth, you’re bound to believe it after a point. You will have reached a point where you would have convinced yourself that you are overweight. Now don’t get me wrong, for women who are really fat without a disease or a problem, you are a sloth and a hog and extremely lazy and you really should do something about it.

There are many things that drive me up a wall, but hearing women being disparaging about themselves is at the top of my list of pet peeves. It’s just not cool. It’s not productive, it’s not healthy. It is totally detrimental.

It seems like women these days, who aren’t even close to being overweight are giving themselves a tough time. For no absolute reason. You can blame the media, you can blame them sexy models. You can blame the skimpily clad sizzling hot women but in reality it’s just a disease that we’re passing on from one woman to another. A disease that makes you feel unworthy of anything including having the right to be happy. So everyone, STOP IT! Start to feel good about yourselves. Stay fit, eat healthy do what it takes to feel good because to be very honest, there are things worth worrying about rather than your non existent fat body.

P.S – If you think that men like the lanky women more than your boobs and butt, trust me they oh so like the meat.

Yours sincerely,

Until next time,

This, is the Hensroom.

Dated: 13.08.2014


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