Society! You Crazy Breed!

A place you call home.
The society discombobulates me. We all want a prudent society, a sagacious one. We want to live in a world which is not discerning and judgemental. But all we get is trepidation. All we get is a convolute society. It’s almost like the good part is done and dusted and we, are the dregs of society. I happened to have come across an article about a man who left this so called beautiful life given to him in order to live in the woods. He lived in the woods for 27 years until last year when he was forced out of the forest and arrested for burglary and theft. Christopher Thomas Knight, popularly known as the Hermit, now, is a conundrum to society and will always be remembered as a pet peeve in the Maine neighbourhood.

I was a ditz after reading this. As a reporter, it would be a dream to interview him. This is when journalism pays off. Moments like these. Situations as this. I can relate to him on so many different levels but I or any one else will never truly understand his state of mind. While reading this piece, I would periodically pause in between the article and just space out. I was overcome with emotion, one too many times. The thought of the modern day world and how he would cope with this mad world was beyond my understanding. How he will be at this moment! He, out of everyone deserves to live. The amount of times I felt so small and the number of times I questioned society during this read, I have never done in my life. I have also never read an article slower than this. It is a lot to digest. His laconism said it all.

I cannot remember his exact words but somewhere in the article he says, he can’t understand why people in jail get intimidated by silence because to him, silence is peace.

On that note, I shall take your leave.

Yours sincerely,

Until next time,

This, is the Hensroom.



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